Once you are a member of the team, you will be put on an e-mail distribution list where you will receive ride slips for the regular Team rides.

Usually, there is a Saturday morning ride that departs at 7:45am (sharp) from Bonita Creek Park in Newport Beach.  You get team points for showing up, in team gear, and riding.  The ride often times goes through Santiago Canyon and will have varying distance options (anywhere from 30 miles up to 90).  The group is usually large (unless there is a team event) and consists of riders of just about every level (so you can find a group that suits you and stick with that group).

Key things to remember.  Ride no more than two riders wide at any given time. Ride at a consistent pace, don’t “Yo-Yo”.  Don’t overlap the wheel in front of you.  Pay attention, look ahead (don’t always look down).  Communicate your intentions, and be safe! We stop at all stops signs and traffic lights!

Newport Coast Tri Team – Title Sponsor: Sariol Legal